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Vape Time

It's 2013. Alisen smells smoke on her husband David...again. The words "deal breaker" drift through the air but they are not enough to keep him away from the stinkies. Nothing is enough, that's the false magnetism of those little carcinogen sticks. A smoker will go to their grave, choked by emphysema, as grey and as full of toxins as the cigarettes themselves, yet still clutching for dear life to their "best friend." 

So what does Alisen do? She spent years eradicating evil analogues from her own life, battling a decades old addiction. But now, like the tailwind of a hurricane, they have returned, taunting her with their lingering smell, laughing at her with every inhale her husband takes, gloating every time his lungs try to save themselves by hacking the poison out. Alisen knows it is fruitless: the venom will dig a hole in her husband's lungs and take hold. Slowly but surely, he will die from smoking. They have won. Finally, they have won. If they can't take her, they will take the person she loves most in this world. 

But perhaps not all is lost. There are echoes of hope: whispers of a tobacco free alternative start to circle around them. Vaping...what is that? A way to conquer the stinkies while keeping the parts David loves: the inhale, the hand to mouth choreography, watching the vapor clouds drift aimlessly through the air...perhaps her husband will decide to save himself yet. She must hold onto that hope, that light that vaping has created. It's all she has left. 

It's 2014. David sits beside his mother as the doctor reads her cancer diagnosis. Terminal. Months to live. He goes outside to gather himself, pulls out his vaporizer and inhales. 24 years he was a prisoner of the stinkies, trying and failing time and again to free himself. But after years of the analogue roller coaster hell ride, he was able to finally escape. When he discovered vaping, he discovered a kinship. He didn't have to poison himself with tobacco in order to keep doing something he enjoyed. He was fascinated with this concept so he began to study. He researched everything he could, talked to vape shops, learned about the community. What was a way to keep from falling victim yet again to stinkies became a hobby...then a passion. He bought a kit for his mother. He thought "maybe...maybe this will finally help her stop." But it was too late. She tried and failed to quit over and over again through the years but there was no longer a choice to make. Smoking claimed her life. 

David never touched tobacco again. But the piercing feeling that he couldn't save his mother grew in his heart until it exploded...into an idea. He couldn't help his mother. But what if he could help others? How could he take what he knew to be a game-changing tool and help more people with it? 

David and Alisen started reaching out, searching for spaces, researching flavours, talking with like-minded people...moving forward with the plan to impact more people with their idea. 

What if we could make a real difference in people's lives by supplying them with the tools they needed to free themselves? Of course we would also like to make a living but what if we could do that while helping others? 

And The Juice Punk was born. We believe in what we do or we could not do it.