Cleito Replacement Coils


Aspire continues to lead the pack when it comes to vaping innovation. Its unique line of coils and tanks is well-received both by newcomers and hardcore vapers alike because each model caters to a specific vaping need and is way ahead of its competitor when it comes to technology and design.

Say Hello To The Aspire Cleito Atomizer Head!

With the standard atomizer barely 3/4 of an inch big, airflow around the coil has always been a challenge. Aspire has developed a revolutionary coil design that frees up even more restriction in the airflow.

On a side-by-side comparison, the Aspire Cleito Coil is noticeably longer than most atomizers. That's because Aspire has gotten rid of the static chimney that houses the coil and instead uses the coil head as the chimney itself.

The full-length coil head runs through the center of the Cleito tank from top to base. This effectively improves cross-sectional airflow with a minimum 25.5mm airflow allowance.

By removing the need for a static center tube within the tank, the Aspire Cleito eliminates all choke points from coil to drip tip to produce even more airflow every time you take a puff. And combined with a claptonized Kanthal coil, it creates thicker vapor with an expanded flavor profile.

Inside the coil is a Clapton style Kanthal build wrapped with 100% pure organic cotton wick. The Cleito comes with three coil options: 0.2 ohm (55-70w), 0.4 ohm (40-60w), 0.27 ohm (recommended with the Aspire K4 kit).

All Aspire coil heads that are color coded with a yellow gasket feature Clapton style builds with a Kanthal base wire and Kanthal wrap. These coils provide more surface area compared to standard coil designs – resulting in thicker vapor production with a noticeable increase in flavor.

Around the coil are three large juice flow holes that allow the wick to soak up your favorite liquid.

Just below the heating element are four wide boreholes that allow air to pass through from the air control valve at the bottom of the tank.