Flavour Beast

Beast Mode Max 18K


Beast Mode Max comes equipped with the experience and flavours you already enjoy, and now takes it a step further with the all-new Max Mode. 

Here’s how it works: 

Standard Mode: Single Mesh Coil, 1 ohm and 11W – up to 18k puffs
🔥 Beast Mode: Dual Mesh Coil, 0.5 ohm and 17W – up to15k puffs
🔥 🔥 Max Mode: Dual Mesh Coil, 0.5 ohm and 23W – up to12k puffs

Key Features:

  • 3X Boosted Flavour & Performance
  • Customizable Vaping Modes: Standard, Beast, Max
  • Up to 18,000 Puffs
  • LED Screen Display for E-liquid, Battery, and Mode
  • Precision Airflow Control
  • Powerful 850mAh Battery

Now you can enjoy these 9 flavours in 3 different modes.

Bangin’ Blood Orange 
Bomb Blue Razz 
Bussin Banana 
Extreme Mint 
Mad Mango Peach 
Packin’ Peach Berry 
Sic Strawberry 
Trippin’ Triple Berry 
Wild White Grape