Kanthal Wire

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Kanthal A1 is a ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy (FeCrAl alloy) rated for use at temperatures up to 1400C (2550F).

The alloy has high resistivity and great oxidation resistance. 

These Kanthal Wires can be used for RDA and RBA tanks. No more fussing and wasting money buying coils now. You can just wrap them yourselves! 

Kantal Wires is the preferred wires for cloud chasers and also to get the flavours out of your liquids. 

We provide you different gauge options: 

20 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

22 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

24 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

26 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

28 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

30 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT

32 AWG Gauge - 10M/30FT


The factors that affect resistance are: 

Diameter: The thinner the wire (higher gauge number), the higher the resistance per foot. The thicker the wire (lower gauge number), the lower the resistance. 

Length: The longer the wire, the higher the overall resistance. The shorter the wire, the lower the overall resistance. 

Temperature: The more heat the wire generates, the more resistance it will create. 

Current: Determine the current (amperage) you need to heat your kanthal wire.