Efest Pro C2 Smart Charger


Ready to handle all of your Li-ion charging needs, the Efest PRO C2 is a fast and reliable smart charger that is both compact and affordable. The PRO C2 is capable of charging just about any 3.6V to 3.7V Li-ion cell, and has a self-adjusting contact that fits batteries of various lengths. Two LED indicator lights inform you of the current charging status, letting you know exactly when your batteries are ready to be used. With a wealth of safety features and some of the fasting charging available, the C2 is a great buy for any user of powerful, high drain batteries.


Fast charging mode: 1.0A

Fits 3.6V - 3.7V Li-ion batteries

Reveres polarity protection

Activation function

Auto-detect charging function

Over-charging protection

Short Circuit Protection

Batteries Not Included