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Eleaf Digital Ohmeter & Voltmeter


The Eleaf LED Digital Ohmmeter and Voltmeter is designed for testing resistance and voltage of e-cigarette products. With small size, it allows you to test resistance and voltage at any time and place even for the most basic e-cigarette user.



Size: 72.0 X 48.0 X 23.0mm

Testable Resistance: 0.01Ω - 9.99Ω

Testable Voltage: 0.01V - 9.99V

Operating Voltage: 2.2V - 5.5V

Working Current: < 10mAh (without tested object); < 30mAh (with tested object)

Standby Current: < 10uA


  • 1 x Meter Device
  • 1 x Connecter (510 Male to 510 Female)
  • 1 x Manual


There are two ports on the Digital Ohmmeter and Voltmeter: the left one is for testing voltage of 510/eGo batteries and the right one for testing resistance of 510-threaded atomizers.

1. Open the back cover and put in two AA batteries, then close it.

2. Switch the button at the right bottom to turn on the device.

3. Screw battery to the left port and press power button, then you will see reading of voltage in the LED display. When testing the resistance of 510 atomizer, connect it to the connector, then screw the connector to the right port, the ohm reading will show in the LED display.


When the device is turned on, the LED display will illuminate. If there is no activity for 10 seconds, the device will enter standby mode and the LED display will turn off. Once an atomizer or battery is connected to the device, it will exit standby mode and the LED display will turn back on.