Flavour Beast

Flavour Beast Flow 4000 (Excise Tax Included)

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$24.99 $29.99you save $5.00

Flavour Beast Flow, brought to you by the creators of Allo and Envi, incorporates a 10ml 4000 puff rechargeable design into a compact package. Featuring a new mesh coil, this disposable vape really is a true flavour beast. (Charging cable not included)


Key Features:  

  • Mesh Coil
  • Airflow control
  • Mind-blowing sweet flavours
  • Rechargeable Type-C port (cable not included)

Device Specifications:  

  • Up to 4000 puffs 
  • 600 mAh battery
  • 10mL of e-liquid
  • 20mg/mL nicotine content  


  • Flavour Beast Flow, brought to you by the creators of Allo and Envi, are known for having the most flavourful pods Canada has to offer. Flavour Beast pods are S-compatible, meaning they can be used as STLTH pods or Allo vape pods. Flavour Beast pods feature 2mL of vape juice with increased flavour, a mesh coil, and a freshness seal ensuring your taste buds are never left disappointed.


  • Arctic Ice – Prepare yourself for an icy blast of pure menthol, delivering an unmatched cooling sensation.

Awesome Aloe Blackcurrant – Putting the AWE in AWESOME. Revel in a meticulous blend of refreshing aloe and juicy blackcurrant berries! 

Blazin’ Banana Blackberry – Blaze up the night with enormous ripe bananas and bangin’ blackberries! 

  • Blessed Blueberry Mint – This minty fresh blend ain’t just an icy blast of plump blueberries, it’s the best, it’s…blessed! 
  • Bomb Blue Razz – Don’t be shy, come grab a handful of delicious blueberries and tangy raspberries for the ultimate berry bomb! 
  • Boss Blueberry – Throw on some shades and be the Flavour Beast boss with this exquisite berry blast of plump blueberries! 
  • Bumpin’ Blackcurrant – We hear your tastebuds calling for a fabulous fruit, the blackcurrant. Well, it’s here, it’s iced, and it’s down right BUMPIN’! 
  • Bussin Banana – Search no more for the best tasting banana flavour that your tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s not disgusting, it’s BUSSIN! 
  • Chillin’ Coffee – Vibe throughout the day with the best tasting chilly cup of joe!  
  • Churned Peanut – A nutty experience awaits you with this smooth peanut vape! 
  • Dreamy Dragonfruit Lychee – Sink your tastebuds into a wonderful dream filled with deep and rich dragonfruit notes paired melodically with chilled bites of sweet lychee! 
  • Dreamy Lemon Delight – You’re not dreaming! This citrus flavour is the perfect marriage of tart and sweet that hit the spot for your favourite treats. A lemon lover’s idea of heaven! 
  • Extreme Mint – Caution: this potent minty fresh flavour is not for the weak. It’s not strong, it’s EXTREME. 
  • Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced – Get jiggy with us and dance along to our Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced! This flavour combines the best-tasting qualities of grapes that we all love with icy, bright, and exquisite passionfruit notes! 
  • Famous Fruit KO – The champion of all fruit juices! Do you dare step into the ring to go 1-on-1 and experience the icy cool Famous Fruit Knock Out? If so, STEP RIGHT UP! 
  • Flippin’ Fruit Flash – Taste handfuls of an exquisite fruit fusion that has all the colours of the rainbow! 
  • Gnarly Green D – Do it up with a gnarly combination of lemon and lime! 
  • Gusto Green Apple – Enjoy heavenly slices of green apples that are so good that you’d be coming back for mo’! 
  • Hip Honeydew Mango – Take your tastebuds on a trip and dip into mouthfuls of smooth and juicy honeydew slices, perfectly paired with mouth-watering mango bites. An iced-out flavour so hip, that you won’t want to skip! 
  • Kewl Kiwi Passionfruit – Keepin’ it icy kewl for the palate, this bright and bold flavour features tangy kiwi bites and tarty passionfruit goodness! 
  • Lemon Squeeze – When life gives you lemons, you squeeze em and taste em. EZPZ. 
  • Lit Lychee Watermelon – Get litty with mouth-watering bites of luscious lychee and refreshing watermelon slices! 
  • Loco Cocoa Latte – Go crazy with a cup of kicking flavour that’s smooth and rich with frothy hints of cocoa! 
  • Mad Mango Peach – Taste the madness with a powerful combination of succulent mangoes and luminous peaches! 
  • Mighty Matcha Iced – Feel the power of our Mighty Matcha! A rich and robust flavour that brings a smooth and refined taste with every puff! 
  • Mystiq Mint – If your taste buds are in for a mysterious treat, don’t sit out on this fascinating mint flavour that is both aromatic and extremely cooling! 
  • Outrageous Orange – This outrageous abundance of orange citrus slaps, nuff said. 
  • Packin’ Peach Berry – This magnificent blend is packed with juicy peaches delightfully paired with the best berries around town! 
  • Pure Tobacco – Experience the ultimate tobacco indulgence with the unbeatable combination of smoothness, power, and full-bodied flavour. 
  • Ragin’ Razz Mango – Take your tastebuds on a rager with the perfect balance of savoury raspberries and super rich mangoes! 
  • Savage Strawberry Watermelon – Are you savage enough to give our beastly concoction of dark, juicy strawberries and killer watermelon slices a try? 
  • Sic Strawberry – Do you like strawberries? We like strawberries. So why not taste the SICKEST handpicked strawberries out there?! 
  • Slammin’ STS – Enjoy an abundance of slammin’ flavour twistin’ goodness! 
  • STR8 Up Strawberry Banana – A refreshing blend of frozen strawberries and bananas! Keepin’ it real for y’all, no cap. 
  • Super Spearmint – This flavour is a superstar! The sweet and slightly sharp minty taste is sure to lend an unexpected twist. Super cool and madly refreshing! 
  • Watermelon G – Grab a piece and enjoy the taste of a wonderful watermelon delight! 
  • Weekend Watermelon – Power through your weekend adventures with marvelous bites of fresh watermelon! 
  • Wild White Grape – Ayo, check these incredibly plump and delectable white grapes out! Flavour so on point, it’s wild!