Freezie 25k Puffs Disposable Vape


Introducing Freezie, FEED's newest vape that's guaranteed to keep you cool this summer.

Enjoy 25,000 puffs and stay frosty with three ice levels to choose from. We listened to customer feedback, and the top request was the ability to control ice levels.

Whether you prefer no ice, a little ice, or extra ice, with just a finger tap, you now have the power to customize your chill levels like never before. 


❄️  3 Adjustable Ice Levels

❄️  Up to 25,000 Puffs

❄️  Airflow Control

❄️  Battery Level Display

❄️  E-Liquid Level Display

❄️  20mL Liquid Capacity 

❄️  700 mAh Battery 

❄️  Neo Mesh Coil

❄️  Type-C Charging Port


🍑 Peachy Blue Razzzz - A burst of peach meets a splash of blue razz. 

🌴 Tropical Kiss - An exotic blend of kiwi and dragonfruit.

🥭 Mango Bliss - Pure, juicy mango magic in every puff.

🍪 Graham Cracklin’ - Graham cracker goodness with a sweet, nostalgic twist.

🍉 Polar Watermelon - Icy cool meets juicy watermelon refreshment.

🍌 Banana Breeze - Smooth, creamy banana with a hint of tropical chill. 

🍇 Chilled Grapes - Icy-fresh grapes straight from the vine. 

🍑 Frosted Peach Nectar - Sweet, icy peaches for a refreshing icy twist.

🍓 Tarzan's Berries - A wild berry blend that swings you into a fruity frenzy. 

🥤 Arctic Classic Red - Classic cola with an icy cool blast. Refreshing and sweet!