The Juice Punk

L!X (Excise Tax Included)

LIX e-Liquids are formulated with the smoothest, cleanest nicotine salts on the market. With a wide variety of superb flavours, ranging from fruity to the most authentic tobacco taste, every profile in the LIX e-Liquid line up is a winner!
  • Banana Iced - Banana with Vanilla Bean Freeze with a Nitro Burst.
  • Blue Razz Iced - Raspberry, Lime and Grapefruit with a Cold Nitro Blast.
  • Cherry Pineapple Lime - A delicate mix of cherries and pineapples with a hint of fresh lime.
  • Grape - Concord grape with a dash of lime citrus.
  • Grape Iced - Concord Grape With a Hint of Lime with a Cold Nitro Blast.
  • Mango - A sweet and juicy nectar of tropical mangos that tastes like the real deal.
  • Mango Iced - An Intense Full-Flavoured Mango with a Cold Nitro Blast.
  • Mint Condition - Powerful mint and menthol with an iced exhale.
  • Pineapple Iced - A Super Chilled Pineapple with a Cold Nitro Blast.
  • Quad Berry - Icy Black Currant, Blackberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry
  • Saltwork Orange - Juicy citrus nectar, with bold blood orange flavours blended with a hint of mango.
  • Strawberry Banana - Creamy banana and luscious strawberries mixed to give you a delightfully smooth and satisfying vape
  • Tropic Iced - Cool Guava, Banana and Mango with a Cold Nitro Blast.
  • Yuzu Raspberry Lemonade - A one-of-a-kind combination of tart raspberries and citric yuzu with a sweet fizzy lemonade to form a surprisingly rich vape juice mix.

30mL Bottles
10 or 20mg of Salt Nicotine
60/40 VG/PG