Flavour Beast

Level X Flavour Beast Intense Pods


Introducing the Level X Intense Series pods, a hybrid vape pod that utilizes an amplified nicotine system to mimic a 50mg throat hit, all while remaining within the 20mg cap. The Level X device reinvents disposable vaping, allowing you to effortlessly attach large capacity pre-filled pods and experience up to 7000 puffs, all without disposing of the 850mAh or 1000mAh battery. This innovation offers the best of both worlds, combining the ease of disposables with the eco-consciousness of a reusable system.

Key Features of Level X Intense Pods:

Amplified Nicotine Satisfaction: Immerse yourself in the intense feel of Nicotine 50, ensuring a deeply satisfying vaping experience. 

Clear Taste: Enjoy a crystal-clear taste with every puff, enhancing the overall flavour profile. 

Generous Pod Capacity: With a massive capacity lasting up to 7000 puffs, Level X Intense Pod ensures an extended and satisfying vaping journey. 

Cross-Compatible with all Level X Batteries: Seamlessly compatible with all Level X batteries, allowing for versatile usage. 

Save with Reusable Battery Format: Take advantage of cost savings with the reusable battery format, contributing to a sustainable and economical vaping experience. 

Airflow Control: Effortlessly switch between high and low airflow settings with a simple twist, providing customization for every user. 

Comfortable Mouthpiece: Designed for comfort, the Level X Intense Pod features a mouthpiece that enhances the overall vaping experience. 

Sweetness Level: Experience an exceptionally sweet sensation with a sweetness level rated at 3 out of 5. 


Device Specifications:

Coil: 0 Ohm Mesh coil
Dimensions: 45*24*66 mm 
Liquid Volume: 14 mL 


  • Intense Blueberry Lemon (Iced) - A sweet blueberry and citrus lemon, blended with an icy mint.
  • Intense Blue Razz (Iced) - A tart blue raspberry and icy mint blend.
  • Intense Flavourless - Just the base ingredients with no extra flavour.
  • Intense Fruity Explosion (Iced) - A burst of mixed fruits with an icy mint finish.
  • Intense Juicy Peach (Iced) - A juicy peach and icy mint blend.
  • Intense Red Apple (Iced) - A sweet red apple and icy mint blend.
  • Intense Ripe Mango (Iced) - A ripe mango and icy mint blend.
  • Intense Strawberry Watermelon (Iced) - A sweet strawberry and refreshing watermelon blend with an icy mint finish.
  • Intense White Grape (Iced) - A ripe grape and icy mint blend.
  • Intense White Mint (Iced) - An icy mint flavour.