Small OG Doob Tubes


Polycarbonate, 100% American Made, Crazy High Quality

The Facts
The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled medicine. Small and compact, these innovative storage containers fit neatly in your pocket. Carefully designed to keep your medicine safe and discreet, Doob Tubes are ideal for when you are on the move. Made from durable poly-carbonate plastic, these air-tight containers will last for many years of use.

Let's Answer Some of Your Questions...

 1. Is the Doob Tube smell proof?

Yes! An even more important benefit provided by the air-tight seal is the retention of odor. Store your herbs in a Doob Tube and the smell will remain completely discreet, allowing you to carry your medicine wherever you go.

2. Why does moisture resistant matter?
These devices are designed to keep unwanted moisture safely away from your herbs. Firmly close the air-tight seal and your medicine will stay completely dry.

3. Will the doob tube hold a blunt?
Yes, the Doob Tube will hold blunts, joints, and cigarettes.

4. How big is the tube?
The regular doob tube is 4.125 inches.

5. Does American Made really matter?
Doob Tubes are totally American Made down to the ink on the labels. Try them out and see, there's no comparison to anything else on the market.